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The past & present

36 On the Quay is an independent, family restaurant run by Gary and Martyna Pearce and their team.

Gary Pearce first joined 36 in 1998 as a 17 year old, fresh from the college.

He worked with chef Ramon Farthing for many years learning the skills and building his knowledge.

To broaden his horizons Gary started work at 2 Michelin star Le Champignon Sauvage in Cheltenham

where he met his future wife Martyna - a front of the house and law student at that time.

After leaving Cheltenham, Gary went to work in the mainland Europe, with stints at Noma, Aqua in Germany,

Old Sluis in Netherlands and Oaxen Krog in Sweden to name a few.

From there Gary and Martyna moved to Belgium to work at In De Wulf

1 Michelin star and 92nd best restaurant in the world.  After couple of years they had decided to move back to England.

Upon returning in 2013 Gary re-joined 36 On The Quay as a head chef and Martyna as a front of the house manager.

They worked closely with Ramon and Karen Farthing who gave them the opportunity of buying the restaurant - which took place in May 2019.

Today - together with their dream team, they strive to implement their knowledge and experience to deliver relaxed yet elevated dining & bespoke stay experience. 

Meet the Team

Maximilian Pearce

(the Real Boss)

Max has been at 36 on the quay for 5 years now and has settled into the team amazingly and has really taking on the ethos of the restaurant offering everyone a warm greeting. Max is currently learning multiple languages and appreciates learning new ways of saying 'hello' so please feel free to ask him what he knows. 

About: About Us

Gary Pearce

Gary has built his career with a vast variety of knowledge and experience. Gary was the sous chef to Le Champignon sauvage and from there traveled Europe with experiences at Noma, Kobe Wulf and Sergio Herman alongside many others and has combined all experiences to create his own unique style which he constantly develops on the menu here at 36 on the Quay. Gary prides himself on passing on his extensive knowledge to those around him and especially his own kitchen team. Gary has a very distinctive vision for the restaurant and his food and strives everyday to obtain this as well as ensure his team pursue the same with new motivation and inspiration. 
Gary has a strong presence on the local community and a loyal following but works to only improve on this and only for the beneficial experience of the customer. 

Martina Pearce

Martina joined 36 on the Quay 5 years ago and has since then become owner-director with her partner Gary. 
Martina has been the front of house driving force in bringing the restaurant to a new modern approach with her own stylistic twist. Martina has restaurant experience from multiple Michelin stars including Le Champignon sauvage and Kobe Wulf and has blended these unique experiences into her own approach of customer service! 
Martina is always highly regarded as a true professional and a scholar of exemplary customer service and for this we have pure appreciation for Martina and her vision for the restaurant! 


Karolina Sobierajska


Karolina joined the team 7 years ago as a waitress and with an impeccable customer service record has worked extremely hard and with an incredibly determined attitude earned the position of Restaurant Manager. Karolina prides herself and her team on their ability to serve the customers to the highest standards going above and beyond to ensure every guest receives the greatest experience possible! From entrance to departure Karolina excels every aspect of the 36 on the Quay’s Ethos with extensive menu knowledge and highly regarded drinks recommendations. We applaud Karolina on her work ethics every day and encourage guests to dine with us just to experience her incredible standards!

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