A    L A   C A R T E





Torched mackerel, tartare,

cucumber & wasabi, bbq sauce, mouli



Braised veal cheek, garlic,

crisp potato, capers, jus 



Fresh squid, compressed apple,

bergamot, buckwheat noodles 



Goose liver mousse, smoked eel,

hazlent, unagi glaze 



Sweetened blackcurrant

cream cheese, Earl grey ice cream,

oat crumb 



Lemon and pine nut parfait,

honey ice cream, lemon curd 



Milk chocolate delice,

banana custard, salted caramel,

dried banana 



Peanut parfait, cherry sorbet,

white chocolate mousse 


M A I N   C O U R S E S

John Dory, Israelis couscous, almond, raisins, curried mussels



Turbot, winter tomatoes, risotto, primo cabbage, rustic pesto

( served on the bone ) 



South Downs venison, cherries, beetroot, black pudding, chestnuts 

(recommended pink)



Braised beef & confit potato, soy onion, vegetables, beef jus


Welsh sirloin £26.95 //  Australian sirloin £32.95 // A4 Japanese fillet £37.95

(recommended medium-rare)



  •  As always we follow all the Covid guidelines, also spacing our reservations, to ensure social distancing. Taking one table per time and allowing 10-15mins gap between arrivals. We kindly ask if you (for any reason) are running late or early to give us a call upon which you will be given a new arrival time.

  • Please note, being in Tier 2 restrictions, we can only accept bookings from one household / + one person from support bubble.

  • We kindly ask for all the allergies & dietary requirements to be mentioned at the time of booking as without prior notice, we may be unable to accommodate on the day.

  • Any dietary amendments to our tasting menu need to be notified at least a day in advance.

  •  It is required by law to wear face covering at the restaurants- at any point unless seated at the table. Please note we cannot accept guests without one unless exempt. 

  • It is required by law for all the hospitality venues to be closed by 11pm. We kindly ask for all guests to vacate the restaurant by 10.55pm to allow us to safely close our doors at 11pm.

  • Due to this time constraint, we strongly recommend tables of 5 & 6 to book early arrival or to pre-order their meal choices to allow for relaxed dining experience.

  • We kindly ask for £10 per person deposit for tables of 5 & 6 persons.

  • If you cannot make your reservation, we sincerely appreciate if you could notify us at your earliest convenience.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding and please rest assured we are doing our best to accommodate all our guests and to be as flexible as we can whilst ensuring all regulations are met.

Our paramount aim is to ensure you have a delightful dining experience with us, whilst adhering to all Covid regulations to keep everyone as safe as possible


T a s t i n g    M e n u


8 moments

£70 per person
Please allow up to 3h for the full dining experience

Wine pairing available 

7 wines at £45 per person or £86 for two
(All wines are served in a 125ml glass, dessert wine 50ml)


Thai squid, crisp rice 

Bbq cod, onion


Curried turbot, raisins 

g spot rib, mustard 

duck , Mexican corn 

wagyu beef, Katsu 

time to reflect
Lemon, pine nut, raspberry 





Should you have any form of food allergies, please inform us at the time of booking

Please note, we cannot guarantee our menu to be 100% allergens free

Please note all menus are fresh and depend on seasons and are all subject to change.

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